Present day television fits her to a T.

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February 10, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle


Kristen in the media


TVMy name is Kristen T. and I am a seventeen year old girl.I am a tv and netflix’s addict. I enjoy all genres of tv and movies with the exception of horror.I have to say that supernatural and romantic comedies are my favorite types of movies as well as for tv shows. As for music, I enjoy most types of music, although I don’t tend to find a lot of country or screamo music that I like. My Favorite types of music is rap and pop music.

Media History

As a child I remember watching a lot of disney channels shows such as “ That’s so Raven”, ‘Suite life of Zack and Cody”, and” Lazy Town”. I spent a lot of times as a child in the movie theaters, i usually went to the movie theaters once or twice a week. When I was ten or eleven I watched The Tudors and fell in love with Johnathan Meyers and ravenHenry Cavill, looking back probably not the best thing to let your kid watch. My favorite artist as a kid was P!nk, I was obsessed with Stupid girls.I didn’t really pay much attention to ads as a child.


As a child i played with Barbies and card games like Yugioh and Pokemon. I think that Barbie was an extremely sexist toys and it influenced me in a negative way of body image. I don’t think that pokemon or yugioh really influenced me to be violent.I do remember the ad for the yugioh arm branch and i wanted it so badly.I don’t remember many toy ads as a child but i remember a lot of commercials for the movies about pokemon.

Music Choices

I currently listen to a lot of foreign language music and a lot of eminem. I like the the beat of the song, it stays consistent with the beat even when the speed of the word speed up. I enjoy the sound of eminems voice . I like foreign music for the sound of different language , it also brings more important to the song’s instrument and the actual voice of the singer instead of the lyrics.

Television Shows

modern familyMy favorite tv shows are American horror story, Pretty little liars, Vampire diaries, Shameless, Game of thrones, family guy, Modern Family, Death note, Bleach, Sherlock , Doctor Who, house md, Gossip Girl , and True Blood. My favorite actor are Henry Cavill, Nina dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Gregory Peck and ALexander Skarsgard. My favorite ad on tv are the budwiser ads for the super bow, and foreign Ikea Ads.

Online Media

I use the internet for netflix, youtube and facebook . I mostly watch my favorite tv shows and movies online. Nothing exciting. I think that the internet will forever be apart of mass culture and that we will become even more dependant on it as time goes on.

Never on TV

I like everything on TV, i think that every show has a fan base and that if the like the show, then that there opinion. I never encounter a show that I hated. Weird but true.

What will you learn?

I took this course to learn to look objectively at tv show,movies and ads and see the values the present to the viewers. I want to learn about ideologies and values and their portrayal in the media. I also want to learn about the codes, convention and forms that shows and ads abide by.


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