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February 10, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

It’s All About the ‘ME’
by Paul G.
Feb 10, 2014


I am Paul G. I am sixteen years young and I enjoy playing basketball as a hobby. My favourite TV show has to be 2 and a Half Men or Three’s Company because comedy is my favourite genre. My favourite type of movie would be a classic Will Ferrell movie, Ferrrellsuch as Talladega Nights and Step Brothers. Will Ferrell is a type of actor where you just have to look at him and you’ll be laughing harder than ever. I find that the greatest movie genres to watch are horror because they are so cliché and I find it amusing to watch the killer walk faster than the person running and I also enjoy watching a classic comedy film. My favourite music is Hip-Hop and Rap because of the lyrics and beat. My favourite artist is Kendrick Lamar, who won Album of the Year at the Grammys 2013.

Media History

My favourite childhood shows were SpongeBob Square Pants and Rugrats. Those were my top two and I’m not sure why. From an early age, I just loved to laugh. Cartoons spongeboband basketball were pretty much my childhood. When I was a kid, my older cousins Jessica, Maggie, Sonya and Suzanne use to make me listen to the Backstreet Boys, which gave me night terrors and pretty much ruined my life. The one song I actually loved when I was a kid was the “YMCA” song because I knew how to dance to it. The ads for toys really influenced me to buy Yu Gi Oh cards and Beyblades, so yes; they very much did influence me to buy them. Seeing kids playing with the Hot Wheels and other toys in commercials made me want to get them.

I remember the first toy I ever received was this huge lion stuffed animal that was coloured blue and I would wrestle with it every day, until I tore it to pieces one day. I also use to play with a superman toy that I use to play. Looking back at the toys that I had and compare them to the toys my sister had, I would say they were a bit sexist. Barbie’s were made to look like the ideal supermodel, where Superman was this hunk that every little boy wanted to be like. My parents wouldn’t buy use violence related toys, except for some little samurai swords my brother and I would buy from the Dollar Store, which did influence us to hit each other; but other than that, there wasn’t much violence in my childhood.
Music Choices

I listen to a lot of Rap artists such as Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolBoy Q and many others. I particularly listen to these rappers because a lot of my friends listen to them. They have a certain swagger that many other rappers don’t have and they dress more uniquely, which sets them apart from the other rappers. Country music is a genre I would never listen to because it usually puts me to sleep. They all sound the same and most artist just sing about love, trucks and beer. It’s the same old thing with country music.
Television Now

3 companyMy all-time favourite television show has to be Three’s Company because they take real life struggles and put them in funnier perspectives. Most comedy shows do that, but this show is just different. Will Ferrell is absolutely my favourite actor because of his history. He has so much stuff to watch and it never gets old. Kevin Hart is also a favourite because he is one of the funniest people on the planet. If I were to choose one great ad on TV, it would have to be the Old Spice Commercials.
On-line Media: I use the Internet for many things such as music, social media, connecting to others, movies, etc. I spend quite a bit of time on the Internet. I prefer to rent movies than to watch them on the Internet, but when I really have to, I usually watch them on the Internet. The future of the internet will probably just be a higher speed or something basic in that nature, unless they come up with something crazy.

Never on TV

I think everything on TV is fine because there is a place and time for everything. Little kids won’t be watching he shows late at night, so the TV stations could play whatever they like.
What will you learn?

I took this class to look at other people’s perspective on things like sexism, racism, or whatever the case may be. I want to learn how to look at things in different ways. The perspective of others is important to me and I am a strong believer in stepping in someone else’s shoes to understand where they are coming from.


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