Media Studies brings cross cultural enrichment

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February 10, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Why I am interested in Media?

Solim L.

February 10, 2014
My name is Solim and I am 17 years old. I am interest in TV series and I watch dramas on TV. I do not have any specific movie I like but I prefer romantic, comedy and action type of movies. I listen to instrument sound better then lyric because when I was young, my mother likes to listened classic music therefore I enjoyed too. So I liked classic music but these days we do not listened classic music a lot and me and my mother like to watch dramas. In every single drama has their owned OST (original sound track) and I love some of OST in the dramas so I listen dramas songs.

Media History
animationsI watched Japanese animations and Korean dramas and maybe first movie I seen is Japanese animation movie the Spirited Away. I think I did not have favorite song or group as a kid because I was interested in Nintendo games such as super Mario and pocket monster in GameBoy. I was not influenced by ads for toys.

I played with plastic toy sword as a kid and I do not think they were sexist because it is just plastic toy sword and it does not have gender. However, maybe it influence violence to me and I do not remember ads for these toys. In addition, I think I was focused watching dramas as a kid and no interest in ads.

Music Choice
I listen to ballads and windless sound of music. I will not listen to rock songs because I do not like noisy rock song. Also, I am not saying that I do not like every rock songs, it just some of rock songs.

Television Now
runningmanMy favorite show on TV is Runningman, it is Korean reality variety show. I do not have any favorite actors because some of actors act really good but old and not my style. Also, some of are just handsome or pretty and act really badly like I cannot even watch that horrible acting. However, I do not like ads on TV because it is sometime annoy like when I concentration on drama and ads came out and I have to wait the following story of drama.

On-line Media
I use the internet by my phone and laptop and I do not prefer watch movies online because watching in the theater compare to watch movies at home online, it is really different and my feeling is sentimental when watching movie in theater more than online. I think future of the internet is clever and intelligent and it could be dangerous and fearful to people.

Never on TV
I am not sure what are never be on TV but maybe unrealistic show or comedy show that have so many joke or bad word because unrealistic can make bad realistic problem, comedy make feel silly and if bad words are seen in the TV a lot familiar with the bad word then it will cause problem.

What will you learn?
I took this class because I wanted to know what Media is. I want to learn TV/video, journalism, film like making film and putting sound but maybe some of are different in class.


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