From Teenager to Screenager

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February 10, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

Putting Emily in Media

by Emily A.

Feb 10, 2014


keyboardI am a 17-year-old girl with an outgoing and energetic personality. I consume massive amounts of media each and every day much like everyone else in our society. I am always near a screen of some sort, whether it’s the computer, my phone or the TV. I’m not sure that I have a specific genre of movie I prefer more than another but I watch mostly dramas, comedies and romances. Some of my favorite movies would be Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Caribbean and Mean Girls. As for music, it mostly depends on the day and the mood I am but I am a die-hard country fan and there’s never a time where I don’t want to listen to Luke Bryan.

Media History
When I was kid I was always surrounded by older shows and was never into the shows that were meant for my age. Although my first movie that I still love today is of course Finding Nemo. I’m not sure whether or not that was my first movie but I know that it was the first movie I ever could have called my favorite. When it comes to music I was a Backstreet Boys fan and I will never be ashamed of that. Still to this day I don’t mind listening to a good old Backstreet Boys tune, they were no doubt my favorite group as a kid. I can most definitely say that I was influenced by ads for when it came to purchasing toys. As soon as there was a new Barbie or Barbie accessory advertised on TV I was always the kid that had to go out and get it.

polly pocketAs a kid I remember playing with all kinds of different dolls such as Barbie’s, Bratz’ and Polly Pockets. I had an older brother and many male cousins and I can recall playing with some of their toys like Tonka trucks and cars. In my opinion the toys I played with were indeed sexist and were strictly advertised only for girls. Personally, I don’t think that my Barbie’s or Bratz’ influenced me to be violent, but on the other hand when I would play with my brother’s cars and trucks they often influenced me to become more aggressive and violent. I do not remember specific ads for each of these toys but I can recall the way they were promoted and they were both very gender bias.

Music Choices
luke bryanMost of the music that I listen to nowadays is country and some indie rock. Some of my favorite artists when it comes to country music are Luke Bryan, Kenney Chesney and Jason Aldean. On the indie rock side of things I like to listen to The Avett Brothers, City and Color and Band of Horses. I don’t know why I prefer such opposite types of music but I will usually listen to any genre of music, it mostly depends on the day and my mood. My love for country music will never disappear, no matter how sad the song; it can always make me feel better on a hard day.

Television Now
For right now my favorite show would have to be One Tree Hill, it is not producing any more episodes but it still plays reruns. I love this show for so many different reasons; the message it sends I find is much different than other similar shows. My favorite actors/actresses are Jennifer Aniston and Johnny Depp. Any movie that has either of them involved is always a good one in my eyes. They are both very talented and very real; they never fail at playing a role perfectly. Honestly, it’s a rare occasion that I turn on the TV to watch a show, I am usually on my computer watching TV or on Netflix, in this case I don’t know many ads and therefore do not have a favorite.

Online Media
I use the Internet for various things such as research and schoolwork but also for watching TV and movies, and shopping online. I use the Internet a lot, mostly because my days consist of watching hours and hours of Netflix. I think the future of the Internet is going to continue evolving rapidly and will become more and more amazing than we already know it is.

Never on TV?
In my opinion shows that should never be on TV are ones like The Maury Show and Jerry Springer. The shows are extremely obnoxious and absurd, I feel as though these shows cause nothing but problems for outside viewers. I don’t find them interested or amusing in any way.

What will you learn?
I took this class because I have always been interested in the many different and amazing ways of how the media is perceived. I can’t wait to learn about the many different parts to capturing a person’s attention through media and the amazing facts that I never knew before.


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