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February 10, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

The Flowers, The Explosions, and The Media
by Roxy D.

Feb 10, 2014

InternetMy name is Roxy D., and I’m a 17 year old in grade 12, attending Fredericton High School. The number one source of media that I use is the Internet. When I’m at home, I’m normally either sleeping or on my laptop. Other than that, I like to play video games. I don’t watch TV much at all, the commercials and the content don’t particularly interest me. I love horror movies, Sci-Fi movies, thrillers, mysteries, and animated movies too. A few of my particular favourites are things like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Scott Pilgrim VS the World, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Salt. There’s very little that I actually dislike in music. My taste can go from Disney songs to punk rock to Vocaloid. I don’t like Eminem because of the beat of his music.
Media History
I watched quite a bit of TV when I was a kid, but stopped altogether around when I was 12. The shows I watched were mainly cartoons, like Arthur, George Shrinks, and The magic school busMagic School Bus. I also watched Stargate, as it was my brothers’ favourite show. The first movie I can remember seeing was Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. I didn’t listen to music when I was a kid. I didn’t see too many toy ads, and when I did, I didn’t think about them too much at all.
The toys I played with as a child were things like Hot Wheels, stuffed cats, and building blocks. Sometimes, I would combine them, and make an amusement park out of the blocks for the cars, or the cats would shop for various colours, shapes, and sizes of blocks. I personally don’t find toy cars or stuffed cats to be sexist, and while I assigned gender roles and a specific gender binary to each of them, I was unaware of any alternatives to traditional gender roles. The most violent it ever got was when the cars would enter tournaments, contesting over who could smash into each other and remain upright. The cats had the occasional lightsaber fight or scrap, but I don’t think it affected my behaviour at all. I never saw any commercials for the building blocks. The ones I recall for the cats usually had pink things and flowers, and Hot Wheels commercials had explosions. I guess it was just meant to appeal to the ideal, target audience.
Music Choice
I am currently listening to a playlist of the five-star pieces of music I downloaded from the internet, and the title of the specific piece is Rust Maid, in reference to the character Aradia from Homestuck. I’m listening to this type of music because it’s good for drawing to. It doesn’t have lyrics, which can sometimes be nice to clear your mind and relax to. Oh, the song changed now. It changed to This Will Be The Day, created by RWBYRoosterTeeth as the opening theme for the series RWBY.
I find it to be very uplifting, and the guitar bits rock! I don’t really listen to pop music, and I’m not a fan of either Eminem or Justin Bieber. Those two are really the only artists I won’t listen to. I dislike the beat and timings used in Eminem songs, but Eminem is a very talented individual and I hold nothing against him. The Biebs is a different story. He’s a butt.
Television Now
As I said before, I don’t watch TV at all. However, I do watch some shows. As I want, I watch mainly anime on my laptop. These shows include but are not limited to Higurashi, Another, Binbougami-Ga!, and Kimi no Todoke. They are usually in a different language, but I don’t mind in the least. I find other cultures and languages very interesting. My favourite actor is Tom Hiddleston, and my favourite actress is Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I like Mary Elizabeth Winstead because she is a fantastic actress, and she has a great voice. like Tom Hiddleston because he’s pretty much a Disney prince in regards to politeness. They are both also gorgeous, but that’s something else…
On-line Media
I use the Internet pretty much all the time. I watch movies, anime, listen to music, post pictures I’ve drawn online, and blog. It doesn’t have a single purpose for me. I utilize it for my schoolwork and for questions I have that no one around me can answer, but I also use it for recreation and to search references for my drawing. It’s not entirely a good thing, in fact it may be far from it, and while I do use the internet for sometimes downloading music, I don’t exactly do anything appalling either, unless shipping is something you considering appalling. If it is, I’m repulsive. I have a book that takes place in the future, and the internet is used extensively there. iPhones are ancient, and now people immerse themselves in the unlimited connection that they can wear stylishly around their necks. Halfway through, however, the system completely crashes. Many people take their own lives from just the stress of not being so connected with the world; all others are just in shock. I wonder how it would go if something like that were to happen in our society right now. Would it have the same effect, or can we still live without being connected..?
Never on TV?
There’s no real way to appease absolutely everyone with what is shown on TV. Somebody, somewhere, is going to have an issue with what you do or do not show. However, this doesn’t mean all of them are right. In my opinion, the biggest thing that should be absent from TV is things like the Much Music channel or whatever it’s called. Some of the songs are alright, but the artists don’t seem to see the need to filter their content. I don’t particularly see harm in much else they show on TV, but mostly everything you see is going to be questionable.
What will you learn?
I took this class initially because it was a grade 12 credit, and I required one more in my schedule in order to pass this year. Then I actually asked a few of my friends that had taken the course the previous semester, and it came back with a good report.

After all that, I took a bit of time to consider what the class could actually be about. I had a few concerns and questions, but on the first day of class, I knew I was exactly where I wanted to be. Now I find difficulty in thinking of a better course to take, mainly because the teacher has the ability to make us think without knowing we’re thinking. The media wants us to follow along with the reality they’ve made. This class forces thought.


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