Barbie, Bueller & Beyonce

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February 10, 2014 by Welcome to the Jungle

From Barbies to Beyoncé
by Rebecca H.

A bit about myself
My name is Rebecca. I am a 17-year-old student in grade 12 currently attending Fredericton High School. Some of my hobbies include: singing, playing instruments and Buellerspending time with my family and friends! Music is something that’s always been a huge part of my life. I listen to many different genres of music but some artists that I am constantly listening to are Beyonce, Drake, Lana Del Rey and Childish Gambino. For the most part I don’t really watch TV but if I do, my favorite TV shows to watch would have to be the re-runs of Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Lost and Gossip Girl! My favourite genres of movies are comedies, romances or dramas and one of my all time favorite movies would have to be Ferris Bueller’s Day off.

Media History
As a kid, my favorite show was probably Kim Possible. I loved the family channel and all the classic shows they used to play like Lizzie McGuire, That’s so Raven and Smart Guy! I don’t remember the very first movie I ever watched but The Little Mermaid was one that definitely stuck out during my childhood. It was and still is one of my all time favorite Disney movies! When I was younger I was obsessed with the Jonas Brothers and Hilary Duff, I even had poster collections. I would definitely say I was influenced by ads for toys; I would always try to convince my parents to take me out and buy the latest Barbie!

As a child, I mostly played with Barbie’s and Bratz. I loved dressing them up and making the characters come to life. Looking back now I think that both dolls create a barbiefalse perception of what girls are “suppose” to look like. Playing with these toys never influenced me to act in any violent behavior. I remember seeing ads for these toys and they always featured girls who looked like they were having so much fun playing with the dolls. This of course made young girls like me want to buy them!




Music Choices
I love anything by Beyonce! She is hands-down my favorite artist of all time. I love how beyonceher sound is timeless and she makes everything seem so effortless when she performs. I’m not a huge fan of country, opera or screamo music. I’ll listen to country or opera if forced but screamo is definitely one genre I cannot listen to.

Television Now
My favorite show on television right now would probably be Modern family. I think it’s entertaining and absolutely hilarious! I also find that he cast meshes really well together! Some of my favorite actors include: Will Smith, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston and Zac Efron. I find I enjoy basically any movie that they star in because they’re usually comedies, romances or dramas! My favorite ads on TV would be the Doritos commercials. They always make me laugh!

On-line Media
I use the Internet daily to stay connected with my family and friends through Facebook and Twitter but also just to watch some of my favourite youtubers. I also catch up on episodes of TV shows and movies as well. In the future, I think we’re going to be using the Internet for practically everything. I hope that one day in the future free Wifi will just roam the air! Even now you can already do things like online banking, online shopping etc. Who knows what else the future has in store!

Never on TV?
I personally think most reality shows shouldn’t be on television. They don’t really serve a purpose and most of them are made for the sole purpose of making money! However, I do admit that some are entertaining but the majority of them are not.

What will you learn?
I took this class mostly because my sister took it last year and really enjoyed the course! However, I also want to learn about the different elements of the media, its role in society and how it affects us on a daily basis.

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