Music Video Review: Why Classified does not die

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December 19, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

“The Day Doesn’t Die” – Classified

By Josh M.

Choosing this song wasn’t difficult at all, it has great lyrics and the meaning behind those lyrics just seems to connect with me. The only thing that made it better was the video being so personal. I know Classified is a Canadian artist and that speaks for itself. He’s not about the money, or the clothes, or the bling. It’s simple that this man is after loyal fans who can relate to the words he writes. And he’s darn good at it. Something that always got me about this video is how he changes from past, to present, to future. But the way he appears in his video makes it seem like it’s all history. It follows the life of a boy who lost his mother to a seemingly abusive relationship with his father. And then it continues to this boy’s teenage life, where he’s working and still getting abused by his boss. And then Luke (Classified) gives his teenage self some advice before he continues on to adulthood. So the present Classified, was actually the past? What?

The mood of the video is pretty sad, but it’s real world stuff, and I appreciate that. It’s definitely a way for him to tell his story threw his music. “Love what I am, hate what I’m not” is said and in being so simple, it’s really quite deep. The video resonates that flawlessly, following the adulthood of this child, he goes to his Dad’s favorite liquor store after getting a notice saying his appeal for a loan was rejected. He grabs a bottle and I assumed he’d start drinking, instead he takes it to his father’s grave, beside his mother’s, and pours him a drink then sets the bottle on his resting place. And a woman takes his hand and we can only assume he’s treating her right and they’re happy. Pan out, queue sunset.


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