Music Video: No Way, only the Hard Way

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December 19, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Music video review
Michael S.
Media studies 120

Airbourne No Way But The Hard Way

The video I choose to do for my music video review is No Way But The Hard Way by Airbourne. I choose this video honestly because Airbourne is my favorite band. What the good things about this video are the rebellious nature of the video. They smash all the stuff in the office which I think speaks to a lot of people because sometimes we all fell like doing this. The good other good things are the use of slow motion when the trash the office I think it adds more effect to the video and gives it a cool feel. The office workers and their reactions are the next thing that I like. It adds to that rebellious feel. The next good or cool thing is when at the end they hang the Airbourne banner out of the window they just throw all the stuff out of. It gives that look that the band has completely taken over the office.

If there is one bad thing about this video in my option it is at the end of the video when the lead singer seems to get the chainsaw out of thin air. I think this takes away from the video because it is unrealistic and the rest of the video is smashing stuff with their hands and at the end they suddenly get a chainsaw? It seems almost like as cool as it may look at first it doesn’t really belong in the video. I think it would have been much better if they just smashed the desk with their hands like all of the other things in the video are smashed.


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