Having Nightmares in Christmastown

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December 19, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Nightmare Before Christmas Review

by Alex. T.

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without the Pumpkin King. Once again, Tim Burton delivered another classic tale; this one following the story of the beloved Jack Skellington, the true terror of Halloween. In search of something greater than the screams of Halloween, Jack stumbles upon Christmas Town and instantly becomes infatuated with this particular Holiday Spirit. The heartwarming tale is a movie for all ages, given that they accept Tim Burton’s rather dark sense of humour.
The story begins in Halloween Town, a place crawling (literately in some cases) with the ghosts and ghouls that haunt on All Hallow’s Eve. We are immediately introduced to Jack, The Pumpkin King; the absolute reason behind the frightened screams of Halloween. Jack, however, has grown tired of doing the same thing year after year. The one day, he stumbles upon an Old Wood where he finds the tree leading to Christmas Town. Jack can’t contain his enthrallment with the season and all things Christmas, and soon returns to Halloween Town brim-filled with Holiday Cheer. Jack then takes it upon himself to bring Christmas to the world, wanting within his very bones to become “Sandy Claws”.
The directing in this movie is brilliant; the script is absolutely fantastic. The Nightmare Before Christmas teaches you to always be yourself, because no one can be better at that then you. While the movie is considered a cartoon, it is filmed with clay models. Each individual action in the movie is captured by slowly moving the models piece by piece. This adds a very interesting vibe to the story line; almost as if it’s more genuine.

This movie is a family classic in my household among all generations. It gets 5 gold stars.
Alexandra is a 17 year old girl who adores movies.


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