Music videos: Wrecking Ball wrecks everything 2 Viewpoints

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December 18, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

by Mariah S.

What I don’t like about this video is that Miley Cyrus went down a different path than she should have, and this video proved it. I also don’t approve of Miley exposing herself the way she is – naked on a wrecking ball. This sends out bad vibes for her fans.

What I do like in this video is that she puts everything she has into her music, whether I agree with it or not, she puts everything into her videos and music and that is very noticable. I also like that this video had a meaning, which was losing the man she loved.


by Coel S.
If it doesn’t work: wrecking ball- Miley Cyrus

Good stuff:
There are really good camera angles. Such as the close up on her face with her big blue eyes. It’s a really good song, the lyrics are actually pretty deep. When she’s saying she came in like a wrecking ball: she means it metaphorically but then she’s on a wrecking ball going through a wall.
From a certain point of view, it’s actually awesome and it shows women that they’re powerful and they have the ability to metaphorically break down walls.

Bad stuff:
It is completely inappropriate. The music video completely ruins the song. I know I said it shows empowerment. But the video is just Miley Cyrus basically naked the whole time, which is sexually demoralizing to women as well. It makes her look just like an object. When you watch the video, the only thing you can think about is her licking a stupid hammer even when you’re not watching the video. It is just a terrible video and I think it ruined her career…


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