Music Video: Without Me

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December 18, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Without me
By Logan S

The video I choose to do is Without me by Eminem, even though it is from the early 2000’s it is still one of the most popular videos to date. It has all kinds of humour and funny clips which make it great and very fun to watch. It was his first music video after 2 years and the first song leaked before the album, although it is a funny video it cause a lot of conflict and offensive to some. He calls out multiple people from the media and politics suck as Cheney and his wife along with Moby dick, and Limpbizkit and even his own mother. Eminem received many awards for this album and song it showed other people in the rap game and people around the world that the “white” boy means business.

What I liked about this video was that it was very clever and funny. You can tell he put lots of hard work into the video and song. There wasn’t really anything I didn’t like, I don’t get offended that often and most of the stuff he says I agree with or just think it’s crafty and well put.

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