The Internship brings bonding and humour

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December 3, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

A hilarious hit that you’ll love to watch again and again

Review by Bailey T.

The Internship     Internship
Shawn Levy
20th Century Fox

Released June 7th, 2013



A lot of the new releases don’t have the feeling of being part of the story, of laughing with the character and getting into it, The Internship brings back that feeling of being submerged into the film with the good times and the bad.

This movie is about two men Billy McMahon played by Vince Vaughn and Nick Campbell played by Owen Wilson who lose their jobs in sales because of their company shutting down, and it sends them to going into an internship at Google which could lead to a job permanently instead of needing to work at a place that doesn’t make them happy. The director of the film is Shawn Levy who really uses the Google head office to tell this story. While watching this film expect laughs, good times, and fun had by all while watching it, there are a few scenes that make this film for older audiences or more mature audiences in my opinion though.

The actors Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson really sell the parts of being sad, down and out after losing their jobs and the film references that over and over telling characters at key points that you can’t give up and need to keep going even thought things get rough. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn really showed that they believed in what they were saying to the audience so it amplified the story to where as a spectator you could take a personal experience and could use that same mindset as it was being shown in the movie.

If I had to pick a scene that had the largest impact on me it would be the last scene by far but I don’t want to give the movie away so my second choice would be where Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are trying to get there team to act like a team and really start working together while trying to win a game of Quidditch they tell their team they won’t win unless they try and give it their all even though things aren’t looking like there would be a reason to try and win while so far behind. The shot I found most convincing was when they all huddled up and this energy started to form bonding them as a team and you could tell something good was about to happen.

The music used in the film was amazing; every time the movie needed to be serious a slower deeper music came on and really helped set the mood for the next shot or scene. The shots in this movie were well done, while Ether Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson started to talk seriously to ether themselves or their team mates the shots came in close and you could tell they were trying to get everyone back to focus and reignite their spirits. Overall the shots really made the story as great as it was and really successful in telling the story.

There wasn’t all that much in the use of special effects they had bloody nose in it and some things here and there but it was mostly just a great story and it explained itself really well without the need or the feeling of being bombarded with special effects like a lot of films use nowadays. The sound track played a big role in this film by far, it added morale, fun, sad and suspenseful times to the film which without it wouldn’t have had the same impact as the story did with it.

This movie is easily a 9-10 if it was a 1-10 scale. I haven’t seen a good movie like this one for quite some time that really brought the audience into the movie and let them enjoy it almost as if the characters were bringing them along.One thing though was there is a scene in the movie with explicit content which I think that smaller children or less mature shouldn’t watch but it would be up to the person or parent in that case. Overall I think the movie is great and anyone could see it as long as they enjoy humor,laughing, and a hilarious hit that you’ll love to watch again and again.

B.R. T. is a grade 12 student currently studying media studies and has been watching films and enjoying them since he could remember.

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