Tenacious D. gets ten outta ten

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December 3, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Tenacious D… The greatest band in the world
By Isaiah D.

Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny
Directed by Liam Lynch
Release date: November 22, 2006

Tenacious D’s the Pick of Destiny is by far one of the greatest movies of all time.

The Pick of Destiny is a comedy/musical that looks at the pre history of the famous comedy rock band Tenacious D (formed by members Jack Black and Kyle Gass). It shows how a young JB (Jack Black) goes on a journey to fulfill his dreams of forming the world’s greatest band. Along this journey JB ends up meeting Kyle Gass in L.A. (Hollywood) were the two find out that they were brought together by destiny to form the best band of all time. After forming the band the two find themselves deep in rent debt and the only way for them to pay the rent is to win a local open mic show by writing a “masterpiece”. The D find out that they have writers block and won’t be able to pay the rent in time until they stumble upon an ancient secret. The pick of destiny. The pick of destiny is a pick crafted by a wizard long ago that allows the user of the pick to play incredible “out of this world music”. This is because the pick is actually satan’s tooth. It is a small part of the beast giving it suprenatural qualities (“not supernatural, suprenatural… that’s like a whole other level above super”). The rest of the movie follows JB and KG’s (Kyle Gass) attempts to obtain the pick of destiny and write a “masterpiece” to pay the rent. The movie is impossible to turn away from as it follows the dimwitted duo through numerous, humorous adventures of extreme profanity, ridiculous lyrics, and of coarse the classic code of rock, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
The actors made me remember them because Jack Black and Kyle Gass had a unique way of fitting hilarious lyrics to the setting that they are in. For example, in one scene of the movie, the two are in the “rock and roll history museum” going to steal the pick of destiny, but to get to it Jack Black must sneak past a room full of lasers and while he is doing so there is music in the background with the lyrics saying “danger… laser” in a funky, techno kind of style. Also the music in the movie has subliminal messages which make the movie even funnier if you catch onto them. Jack Black and Kyle Gass do such a good job at making the audience laugh that I find they don’t have to make themselves believable.

The director was okay. To be honest I’ve read a lot on the movie and Jack Black and Kyle Gass did all the script writing and plot for the movie. The only thing the director really did was organize when the movie was to be filmed and how it was to be filmed. Jack Black and Kyle Gass pretty much made the rest of the movie, seeing as the movie is based on their band and their history. The way the movie was filmed was really cheesy. Cheesy in a good way though, not bad. It really fit the style of the movie, and made it more humorous. The cheesiness of this movie I find is one of the big things that make this movie so successful in telling not necessarily a convincing story but an enjoyable and fun story.

The movie used some special effects, mainly for two scenes, one being a scene were JB is dreaming and the other when JB and KG are fighting the devil in a rock off. Other than that the movie was pretty realistic other than music being played in the background, but hey, it’s a musical. The scenes that did use special effects though did make the story really unique and also the special effects weren’t over used throughout the movie which I find happens sometimes in movies. The soundtrack was really well done over all. The lyrics had subliminal messages in them to which the characters acted out things to the lyrics. The lyrics portrayed the setting. The music was catchy and caught your attention when it came on. It was really well done and made the movie really energetic and exciting.

I highly suggest you take the time to sit down and watch this movie however only if you like musicals and if you don’t mind a lot of profane language in movies, other than that though there’s really nothing not to love about the movie. I have watched it about 100 times now and I can say that it hasn’t gotten any less humorous then the first time I watched it. I still watch it today and know every word to the movie (yes that’s how catchy the dialog is). The dialog is so funny and so creative that you almost can’t forget anything that happens in the movie. The biggest thing is the songs though.

The lyrics to the songs are profane, but that is how they are so catchy and so easy to remember. After watching the Pick of Destiny you will find that you have the songs stuck in your head and a need to listen to them again just to satisfy your mind. I find there is absolutely no flaw with the movie at all other then it is geared towards people who like musicals and there is some profane language in it. I love this movie and for anyone else who hasn’t seen it I give this movie a 10/10 and recommend you to watch.

Isaiah is a grade 12 student who loves to watch and criticize movies.

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