‘Tapped’ uncorks the cost of bottled water

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December 3, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

“Bottled water is 10,000 times the cost of tap water”

By Brandon S.

Tapped is an extremely brilliant documentary about the bottled water industry.

Tapped explains every detail about the competitive bottled water industry. It reveals the dark secrets of the billion dollar companies. This intriguing documentary directed by Stephanie Soechtig and Jason Lindsey explains what goes on inside and outside of the factories and the dangers of bottled water.  Expect to learn about your heath and what you can do to avoid bottled water dangers.

In the movie, genuine people are interviewed and tell their side of the story. Also, company representatives are interviews and asked questions that would concern the general public. They are proven wrong with each of their answers and each representative tried to defend the company going against what they had first said.  This movie is different from the others because it is trying to educate the public on an untouched topic. The documentary is very moving and will almost certainly have an impact on what you think about bottled water.

I thoroughly enjoyed most of the camera shots and the music. I did not notice anything about the lighting or sound throughout the film. I felt like the music was appropriate with what was going on. I felt moved by each interview. It was successful in telling a convincing story. I enjoyed all of the information that I had learned from listening to each interview.

Tapped did not use any special effects which I found appropriate in a documentary. I prefer simple documentaries with captivating camera work. I believe that special effects could have caused the movie to be “cheap”.

I would recommend anyone to watch this movie. This movie is for everyone, young or old. I think that everyone should watch this for their own wellbeing. You will learn about the sneaky and concealed industry. Utmost, the movie was well done and had a good balance of interviews and narrative scenes. I found that some footage was used more than once. I found this a little irritating as I wanted to see something different each time. Other than the repeated footage I enjoyed this documentary entirely.

Brandon S is a grade 12 student who has a passion for photography, filmography and making weekly video on YouTube.




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