Safe Haven worth every penny of the admission cost

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December 3, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Movie Review
Safe Haven

by Dejon M.

Love story meets action-mystery is what Safe Haven delivers. Not a moment of boredom while watching this funny yet heart throbbing tale of two lovers from different worlds brought together by fate, and a crime.

Julianne Hough plays Katie Feldman, Josh Duhamel as Alex Wheatley those are the main two character in this magnificent movie. During the course of 115 minutes, you are transformed into a love story that can only be described are magical. Josh Duhamel was the best choice for this scene he hit the character of Alex to a T. This story was defiantly more than what met the eye. There was action, drama, heartache, mystery and love all rolled into one movie. It starts out with Katie running away from home with blood everywhere, then it shows her with dramatically different hair getting on a bus while a police officer is chasing her. Later on when the bus stops at a pit stop she decides to stay in the small beachy town of Southport. Immediately Alex is interested in Katie, but Katie has decided to shelter her self from everyone. As the story progresses so does the love between these two… as soon as you think everything is fine is when you are wrong. All hell breaks loose and what Katie was running away from has caught up with her in perfect new world.

What exactly made me remember the actors? I would have to saw their raw talent, and the very believable love they had one another. While watching the movie, the scene where Katie is going on the boat, about to leave the town for good and Alex finds her, and tells her that no matter what she’ll be safe with him. He’ll protect her from whatever is running after her. I love that because it just felt like I was there, standing on that port with them.

The director makes or breaks a movie, in this case Lasse Hallström truly out did himself. It was phenomenal the way the music faded into a scene and before you know it you’ve got the lyrics in your head. I loved the way he used rain as a pathetic fallacy and how the weather always seems to correspond with the scene’s vibe.

Lights, camera, soundtrack? In my opinion without a good soundtrack a movie is just not reaching it potential. Now what’s better setting the “mood” than a song that reminds you a moment in life, or a person you know. In this particular movie, the scene where this really hit me was during the rainstorm. The two lovebirds are running away from a rainstorm and the song Moonshine by Sara Haze is humming the background, it really just captures the loving moment perfectly.

If the past 450 words haven’t told you anything well I will say it now. This movie is and will forever be amazing. It is worth the 13 dollars of a movie ticket if not more. It has an amazing sound track and a solid cast. It was 2 hours of laughing and crying at the same time, while biting my nails in anticipation. I have never seen a movie that incorporates every genre and pulls it neatly into one movie. This movie also has an insane twist in the end that no person could have ever predicted. I give it 2 thumbs up, but if I could I would give 3.


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