No movie beats Scarface: Here’s why

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December 3, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Why no movie will ever beat Scarface
By Michael S.

Brian De Palma

No movies will ever top the edgy story of Scarface.

Scarface follows the rise and fall of a Miami gangster Tony Montana played by Al Pacino. Tony is a Cuban-American gangster who starts off with designs of power and rises to the top off the Miami underworld. The film set in Miami Florida during the 1980’s. It is directed by Brian De Palma. Expect a real movie which depicts the workings of the underworld and the men in it.

The reason I always remember Scarface when taking about the best movies is the perfectly done scene with Tony staring up at the blimp flying by in the sky and the message on the side reads “The world is yours”. I always remember that scene because of the look on Tony’s face and the lighting around the scene. The character is believable because of the expression he puts into every scene weather it’s a calm scene of an angry scene there is a ton of emotion. He makes you feel like the Character is a real person.

The lighting, the music and the dialogue contribute enormously to Scarface. The lighting in the scene on the balcony is done perfectly the camera has the blimp centered and the night sky around it then we see Tony standing there and there is minimal light around him making us focus on the Character. The scenes done on the beach have just that right amount of sunlight in them creating the perfect set. The music sets the mood in the scenes perfectly. The music that plays in the club when Tony is introduced to the bosses women is a depiction of how to Tony is felling. Also the scene in which he takes over and Push it to the limit plays after giving that feeling of living outside of society and not caring. It makes us feel as though Tony has all the power, all the women and all the money. He looks untouchable.

The dialogue of this movie was clearly brilliant because people still reference it today even if they don’t know about the movie. I have talked to people who will reference a line form that movie but will have never actually seen the movie. The quotes used in the movie are still used today. When a movie has been out for thirty years and people still quote the movie I would say that pretty powerful dialogue.
The greatest graphic in Scarface is the logo that Tony makes for his new gang. It is a T and an M intertwining with red as the color. The logo appears on the back of Tony’s chair in his office and around his house. They are memorable because they look good and because they make the viewer think wow this guy is so rich and cool that he has his own logo.

The soundtrack in Scarface is perfect. It adds to all the scenes in the story and gives the viewer a strong feeling of either power or happiness.

So why should you spend your time or money on Scarface? Because Scarface is an edgy movie that has brilliant scenes and dialogue. The actors in this movie make your feel like it’s a real story. It is a glimpse into a world the average person only wishes they could be in. It breaks away from societal norms when it comes to movies and leaves a lasting impact on your mind and your ideology.

Michael S. is a grade eleven student who loves and enjoys crime and gangster movies and Al Pacino movies.


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