Tough Guise by Jackson Katz

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October 25, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

tough_guiseTough Guise: a film by Jackson Katz
Students’ reactions

I agree with what he said. Men are portrayed as these tough, masculine figures and it is the cause of a lot of violence. Men are constantly fighting to be strongest and it is interest how race is incorporated into this strongness concept.
I agreed with what was said. I think it often overlooked how important the emphasis on masculinity is in our culture. We don’t talk about it as much as feminism.
I believe the things brought up were true. I believe that guys try to be tough and rough. They try to be somebody they are not.
I really enjoyed this video and the way author Jackson Katz explained it. However, I prefer the video that we watched yesterday because she (Kilbourne) got her point across quicker. Also it wasn’t so up to date.
I found the message of Tough Guise was clear but did not trace the problems back any further than Italians and that is where he focused the violence on.
I’ve never really thought of it, but it doesn’t come as a surprise that men commit most of the violent crimes. After watching this film, it is clear to see that men to have a standard to live up to in society.
I think what Katz is saying about the media today is right. If you are not a big and tough guy, you must be weak and not a man.
Just hearing the words” rape”, “abuse”, “harassment” made me sick. To think that women such as myself are potrayed as weaker, vulnerable gender, this bothers me so much. The guy on the screen, Katz, really made good points about what we go through or experience every day. It seems like all this has become the norm for us in our society.


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