Cool: The media markets to us what is cool

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October 21, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

What is Cool?
Briana S.

Everyday we are hounded with the ‘new cool’, in magazines, television, at home,online and at many other places. Were told what the new fashion is, the new hot music and cool new products. The question of what is cool. I think is a very broad question and is hard to answer because society is always changing and evolving. We are constantly thriving for the hot new gear.

The media is a big contributor to telling us what is cool. There’s ads on the radio, in music videos, everywhere online, on every street corner and bus stop. These are the things that are leading us to buy the things that are being advertised.

Media such as Seventeen magazine can tell us what is cool.

Media such as Seventeen magazine can tell us what is cool.

I never really thought about if I was influenced by the media until now and I think I am very much influenced by the media. Recently I just got a new I phone. I broke my previous phone which was a Black Berry. My papa wouldn’t get me an I phone because he said I wasn’t responsible enough. But I wanted one. So of course I got one and I wanted one because everyone else had one. I look around the class and most have one. I read magazines which show me all the new trends from make up to clothing. I also just bought lip balm that I’ve been seeing in Seventeen magazine. Its called EOS it looks like a ball and it smells nice but I don’t find I like it that much. It doesn’t seem to work as well as my other one. So I bought it not because its useful but because I was told by seventeen magazine that its the new thing and you must have it. I guess I never realized how much I actually following the media till I stood back and looked.

What is cool Is not set by us. The media tells us what to buy and one person buys it, then another and another until they’ve got every body who saw the ad to want it. They force it into our mind. I have no idea what cool is? I can tell you what I’m told cool is.

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