McLuhan: We have a lot in common with fish

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October 18, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

fishMarshall Mcluhan

by Dejon M.

Out of all the Marshall Mcluhan quotes I chose to do “ A fish does not realize its medium until that water changes through the adding of ink or poison”.

This quote means that when you are born in something such as water, you don’t notice it; you don’t notice how it could affect you until it’s changed. I do agree with this quote because, fish are born in water and don’t appreciate it until it changes, this says how when your are born and live your life in or doing a certain thing, you wont take notice to it until its changed dramatically.

This quote ties in with media quite well, in my opinion it is just an analogy of ads, as human beings we are exposed to 3000 ads a day, we are the fish and the ads are the water, we live in it and will not notice it as a medium until it begins to change, either in the way they are presented or they become more exposed to us as the consumer through education; education and change in ads are the ink or poison in this quote.

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