McLuhan: TV would blow the class room to bits

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October 16, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

McLuhan: TV would blow up the class room?Michael Shannon

Marshall M.

I chose the quote “I would suggest that if you were to put the TV in the classroom, it would blow the classroom to bits. The teaching processes would be completely transformed: it would be exactly like bringing the Trojan horse inside the walls of Troy.” This is the famous quote spoke by Marshall McLuhan. I chose this quote because I was familiar with the Trojan horse and Troy because I like history. So when I saw this quote it intrigued me.

I think that this quote means that if you put the TV in the classroom it completely revolutionizes the teaching process. If you know the story of Troy you know that they conquered the city using the Trojan horse. It completely changed the war. So the TV would conquer the classroom. It would completely change teaching process. When he says that “it would blow the classroom to bits” I think it means that it revolutionizes the classroom. It changes the way things are going to be taught. The next part about bringing the horse inside the walls means that it takes over it conquers the class. Marshall McLuhan does not directly say that it is good or bad. It just changes the way things are done. In my option he is saying that it destroys the class because the Trojan horse was what helped destroy Troy. Once the horse was inside with the invaders in it was only a matter of time before the city was destroyed the Trojans were caught off guard and surprised by the invader, the invader in this case being the TV.

I do not really agree with him or disagree. I think that there are both positives and negatives with bringing the TV in the classroom. It depends on the situation. I think it can help us see into other cultures and issues. However I think that people don’t pay as much attention in class when watching something on the TV because it is associated with leisure or laziness. There is also a connection lost between the teacher and the student because the student is leaning form the TV not the teacher. It makes kids illiterate. In the end does bringing the TV in the classroom destroy it? I don’t have that answer and it don’t think that I ever will. All I can do is be cautious of what I see and read in the media and try to understand the media I consume a bit better.

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