McLuhan: Education needs to be a revolution

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October 16, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

McLuhan thought education needed to be more revolutionary.

McLuhan thought education needed to be more revolutionary.

The Revolution in Education is needed

by Jesse D.
The quote in which I have chosen to talk about is the first one, stating “Education, which should be helping youth to understand and adapt to their revolutionary new environments, is instead being used merely as an instrument of cultural aggression”. I chose this one, because it stood out as the one that I have the strongest opinion towards, and what I feel relates to me the most of any of them.

When I read this quote, I made the assumption that he meant education, is the form of schooling, and is the cultural norm for kids these days. I think we have lost the actual concept of school, and we are just sending kids there because it has become part of the law now, and they are forced to attend no matter what. Other than school, there are plenty of other ways to learn important life lessons, and most time, earlier grades do not teach those basic fundamentals that kids need. I 100% agree with McLuhan in this case. I find myself, in school, I often do not pick on a lot of the sciences and math subjects, or the other teachings, but I know myself that I have a lot of common sense. School defiantly can’t teach you everything.

This quote relates to media studies because it is saying that we are using education to push or culture on young people, the same thing that media does to people every day. Media Studies gives us the tools to combat the ways media affects us, and makes us more aware of the environment around us and how to realize when this is happening


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