McLuhan: Education is civil defense against media fallout.

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October 16, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Canadian Media guru McLuhan thought we could do more with education.

Canadian Media guru McLuhan thought we could do more with education.

Marshall McLuhan paper

by Liam M.

“Education is ideally civil defense against media fallout.” I chose this quote because I think it has many different connotations. It is very relevant to this day and age as well. As we live in the information era we are constantly subjected to media it is an integral part of our everyday lives. Without media we would not have television, radio, video games, books, most every form of entertainment. At the same time without media we would not have advertisements or propaganda for the most part.

We need education to combat the media because the media constructs reality and tells us what to see, whilst education tells us what is really there past the veil of the media. Without education we would just pay attention to media all day and we would all be mindless consumers of the media that exist ignorant of what is truly happening in the world around us. Education teaches us skills and information that we can sue in our day to day lives whereas the media generally does not teach transferable skills. Education is deep and the media is shallow. I agree with Marshall McLuhan’s statement.

This quote relates to media studies because it in some ways embodies media studies. We take a look at the media in this course and ask why it does what it does, why the advertisements, why the entertainment, why the propaganda? We’re surrounded by media so it is only natural to study it and make sure we stay aware of how it affects people so that we do not become too detached from the real world.


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