ME-dia: Prefer comedy to horror, action to romance, Comic book movies to book adaptations

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October 11, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Who is me and with what media?

By Bennett R.

A short introduction

Internet-Explorer-iconMy name is Bennett a student at Fredericton high school in a class named “Media Studies” I happen to be seventeen years old, a Leo, and fond of propaganda. My television habits exist in a cycle of binge watching of television in blocks over the internet and on Netflix, I tend to take caution when watching a new show and quickly discard almost any media if it fails to entertain me. I as a rule of thumb however prefer comedy to horror, action to romance, Comic book movies to book adaptations. Due to this or maybe in spite of this I don’t have a impressive music collection, in fact the majority of what I do have is game or movie soundtrack amounting to about 250 songs total. Some examples of what I do like are Quentin Tarantino, Game of thrones, D&D, The last of us, Homestuck, Avatar the last air bender, George Orwell, Wildcards, Order of the stick, Ctrl-Alt-Delete, ect; Besides the glaring question of what media I do like I also admit to creating some as well, Writing collaboratively on quite a few pieces online within roleplays and with a couple of different forms being what I regard as some of my lesser accomplishments I also biweekly host a group of impromptu players to collaborate on multiple fantasy pieces, as well as Lovecraftian Horror, Apocalyptic survival, And political intrigue.

Media past present and rewatchable

I had limited exposure to television as a young child, my first movie in the theaters was the iron giant which was considered a financial failure at the time. My television exposure likewise for the initial part of my child hood was limited to Tomas the tank engine, Blue’s clues, Bear in the big blue house, and mighty machines thanks to and because of my tendency to not stay still for a moment. When I did become more still I would be emerged more in the cultural shows of the 80’s and 90’s then the more current eras or what my classmates would tend to think of as childhood shows.

Of girls, boys, toys, and bits of amusement

I can never remember playing with anything that I didn’t share with my sister. We had and have a very loving and supportive relationship where we both played the same games with each other most of the time. Where I played with tracks and loved the trains, my sister would make the stories that went along with them and always somehow find a cleaver way of working stuffed animals into the story, Where I see culturally boys apparently played with action figures I and my sister had playmobile, Lego, biconical (which was still lego but cooler), and of corse trains and cars. With this backdrop of toys and possessions it was clear to the causal viewer that all the toys however there intended use may have been, were to be repurposed into games to amuse a pair of siblings.

Oy turn it down!

fruvusAs detailed before in my “short” intro my musical tastes are rather impaired and disjointed, I for as long as I remember have had moxy fruvous around and being listened to, but other then that my musical tastes has no one true flavor. All I would be willing to say is that of all the music I posses and all that I regularly play none of it is what is called “pop”

My favorite show, my favorite people, and the secret to happiness

I contrary to the title promise none of those. I don’t have a favorite show however I will be sad when How I meet your mother and attack on titan go off the air, I’ll also say that the concept of knowing anything about an actor besides that they happen to be a real person when not working for a studio is alarming, however if I needed to commit to a single person who I feel deserves to be recognized as a talent and charming? Neil Patrick Harris. On the flip side of all that I don’t watch television so its not realistic or possible for me to identify an ad on it that amuses me or I feel some connection to.

Online aka: My happy place

If you have read any of my piece before this point (and I hope you have because its good stuff defiantly deserving an “A” ) then you’ll realize that I am a awful awful person to ask anything about television. However I take the internet very seriously much the way that I glutton takes a all you can eat buffet. I start my day sampling the fine treats that we call the internet by reading news and then catching up on my web comics and raw media output sources. I then move on from those drifting to the secondary outputs like Dorkly that serve up the best and the brightest of there internets content under there specialty. Then when that is done I go to the bright future of the internet the content sharing and development pages, examples of this would be locations like Tumblr.

The gray and the black

What should never be allowed to be shown on a public form? quite simply put anything and everything should be allowed however the people who try to view any piece of content should receive a warning and consent to viewing it otherwise you start to argue the morals of showing alcohol use on television and then realize the implications of not allowing the use of a legal substance but allowing violence and murder to be shown. It becomes a slippery slope that should be avoided simply by asking a person to agree to a piece of content first

Tell me what you want what you really really want

What do I want out of this class? A grade twelve credit and insight into media and its practices. provided that is a acceptable objective and a attainable goal then I suspect I will find your this class very enjoyable


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