ME-dia: Logan loves to Log-on, and enjoys rap music


October 11, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Putting Me in Media

seinfeld1My name is Logan S.  I am 18 years old, I like to generally watch TV such as shows like Family Guy, Seinfeld, Sports Center, Hockey, and Football. Some of my favourite movies are; 8 mile, Coach carter, Friday Night Lights, and Step Brother. I usually prefer comedy or sports movies for genre types but there is a few other like action and drama that I like as well. My music choice is older types of rap like early 90’s and early 2000’s my favourite artist are Eminem, Biggie smalls, Gangstarr, Mad Child, Big L, and Snoop Dog. I haven’t done much in making media, really the only thing I have made was a football recruiting tape last year, I took some film of myself and made it on windows movie make. It took me about a week or so to finish it up.

When I was a kid I really liked watching Arthur and Sesame street, My very first movie I seen in theaters was toy arthur 2story. I remember being really excited sitting in the big dark room and aisle all lighted up and watching the screen light up I was super pumped to watch it. When I watched TV shows as a kid and when the toy commercials come on I would get real excited to see what toys were out there and what I could potentially have as a toy. I remember my very first CD I got was a sum 41 cd, I loved their song called Fat Lip. My first video I ever saw on MTV was the way I am by Eminem, that’s one of the reasons why I listen to him today.

When I was a kid I use to play with little toy cars, toy soldiers, and a woody and buzz light year doll. I don’t think they were really sexiest I just enjoyed being in my room playing with my toys. I was never really influenced by violence I never really pay attention to much things I mostly just stuck to myself and didn’t let things bother me.

I listen to a lot of rap, I’m not really sure why but its just the music that appeals to me I like the flow and how they can connect their words with rhymes. I find rap is a talent and an art form, not everyone can do it and if you can it’s a god given talent. When I listen to rap it gets me motivated, I get really pumped up and just want to go out on to the field or ice and just light it up. Ill pretty much listen to anything if I like the sound, I even listen to some country just because where I’ve been brought up.

My favourite show on TV would have to be Family Guy, I find it really funny at times and it’s just a plain simple cartoon show that produces a lot of laughs. I don’t really have a favourite actor I don’t really pay attention to the actors and actresses I just watch their movies either enjoy them or dislike them. My favourite ad on TV would have to be the Eminem super bowl commercial from a few years ago when he was promoting Brisk ice tea. It’s my favourite commercial because Eminem is my favourite artist and It was put together pretty good. It’s a cartoon commercial and it’s basically Eminem promoting Brisk and they incorporate some of Eminem’s well known problems into the commercial.
Internet-Explorer-iconWhen I use the internet its mostly for School or social networks like twitter and Facebook. I use it a lot on my phone because I can just go right to Facebook or twitter with just pressing my screen; I use Netflix on my phone as well. I find it really handy if you’re bored or simply just can’t sleep. I honestly couldn’t even try to guess where the internet will be in the future, technology can move so fast and advance that to take a guess is difficult.
What should not be on TV? Well it doesn’t really matter to me, if they keep those messages before each show warning people that the show may have rude or offensive material I think anything can be on TV.

I took this class to learn more about the media and how it works. I want to learn behind the scenes type of stuff and some of the tricks TV shows and movies do to enhance what we are watching. I have always wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes and what it takes to do it.

2 thoughts on “ME-dia: Logan loves to Log-on, and enjoys rap music

  1. Blayne.R says:

    i listen to alot of rap too. I listen to alot of Wiz khalifa and juicy j!

  2. Karie Guillena says:

    i enjoy a lot of the same things as you haha i dont know what else to comment except youre a good writer and a KOOOL KAT

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