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October 11, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

In the Middle of Media

Intro: Tell us a bit about yourself

familyI was born and raised in Canada but my original roots are not Canadian they are from overseas. I am a 17 year old girl hoping to graduate this coming year. I am generally a happy person that stresses easily. Understanding the way media affects others interests me. Seeing, hearing and reading about how people react to the media catches my attention. Personally, I consume the media through TV, radio and magazines. I do not watch a lot of TV but when I do I typically watch something funny like AFV or Wipe Out and I have to admit I do watch the Family Channel as well. I will also watch shows that do not follow a story line such as CakeBoss or Four Weddings. Preferably I will watch comedic or romantic movies however I am open to watching almost any type of movie. Horror, gory, scary and some action movies I will not be able to watch. When I listen to music I stick to mainstream songs and most of the time something like Avicii remixes or electro house. Although all movies and music are types of media I unfortunately do not create any form of media products.

Media History

When I was a kid most of the things I watched on TV would be on the Family Channel. Some of my favorite shows not on the Family Channel were Zoom, Art Attack and The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show. I don’t remember the exact movie I first watched but I think it was either The Lion King or Toy Story on VHS. Most of the music I listened to when I was a kid were not English songs but I remember liking Britney Spears. Her album was the first album I ever owned and I still have it even though I do not listen to her today. I was very much influenced by TV toy ads for children as a child. I typically asked for some type of baby doll or board game. The time I would be most influenced by the ads would have to be around Christmas time.


As a kid I would play with baby dolls but never barbies. As a child I always played board games and thinking games like Monopoly, KerPlunk or puzzles. I do think that the ads for the types of toys on TV when I was a child were sexist. What I mean by this is that it was always the girls playing with kitchen sets and boys playing with the trucks. I believe that girls and boys generally play with those toys but I think that back then they were teaching ideologies to children at a very young age which I do not agree is with. The games and toys I played with did not influence me to violence. I remember many of the ads for toys sold when I was a kid, in fact I love taking a trip down memory lane and watching all those old commercials.

Music Choices

I am pretty much open to listening to any music but if I were to go pick a song to listen to it would probably be either something not English, something mainstream or most likely a song from proximity, a YouTube channel of electro house music. I like songs that are very upbeat, have good meanings/lyrics and that make you want to dance. This is what I like to listen to because I find it appeals to what I think music is. One reason I like electro house I think is because of my older sibling. They love electro house music and that may have influenced me to start listening to it. Music such as metal, scream, rock or country would not be on my playlist. My reason is simple, they are annoying to me and and I do not like the sound of them.

Television Now

bugsLike I said before I do not watch much TV but I have a few favorite shows which are The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show, Four weddings, Say Yes To The Dress, CakeBoss, Wipeout, AFV and The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. I also like watching TV series that have a lot of drama but there isn’t a current favorite one right now. One of my Favorite actors would have to be Will Smith. I have been watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air ever since I was little and he was such a good actor. I have also seen him in many other movies and he can play so many different characters which is a reason why he is my favorite actor. Of all the commercial ads on TV my favorite one would have to be the Juicy Fruit ones. They are clever, funny, and I love their signature song.

On-line Media

I use the internet to do research or to look something up. Other things I use it for are Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. I have also used the internet to watch movies and shows on. It’s hard to say what the future internet could be like because so many things are possible now. I imagine that the computer/laptop itself will be completely voice activated, the same way our phones are today. This will make typing essay way easier and this will bring online research to a whole new level. I also think that data will be available on laptops so that when going on road trips using the internet will not be a problem. Paying for it every month will be how it will work. I mean let’s face it, everything is expensive and people will do anything for our money.

Never on TV?

What I think should never be on TV is nudity or swearing. You really never know when a child could be watching TV and just happen to flip through channels and catch a glimpse of someone naked or someone swearing. They are not obligated to see or hear any of that even for just a second. I know that if I ever have a child I will certainly not want them to see those kinds of things. I understand some will argue that children should be supervised while watching TV and I agree 100% with them but even if the parents are there they may not know what could be on the next channel. Seeing or hearing only 1-2 seconds of nudity or course language will be enough for children to ask question. I do not think that parents should have to explain or lie to their own children about something they mistakenly watched on TV. Either they take those movies and shows off the air or they blurred the mouths and bleep the words of swearing before and after the word is said. Most movies/shows that have blurred and bleeped mouths cut the word in the middle of it being said. This makes it more obvious to child the sound of these unkind words. When we become old enough to know what actors are saying we can easily predict what is about to be so why expose those words to children if they still don’t know them. In my opinion we should keep a child’s innocence as long as possible. Taking nudity and swearing off TV will make it so that we do not need to explain these un-innocent actions to children. There will also be no need to have to tell them not to repeat these nasty words. These things can easily be put on a website on the internet where adults can find and watch them, this way they are harder for young people to access, find and watch.

What will you learn?

My reason for taking this Media Studies class is because it was my second choice after an already filled class.

Almost immediately after being enrolled in this class I realised that there would be a lot of things I can learn about advertising and business.

This will help me in my future seeing that one thing I want to achieve is my bachelor in business. Whether I want to study business or not I find that what the media tries to tell us is very interesting. I love understanding how people change because of the media and I hope to learn the phycology behind media.

I would like to easily be able to pick out the play on words and way of advertising the media uses. Just like the way the Charmin ultra-soft toilet paper commercials have a play on words with a “bear bum.” I hope to finish this class learning new things and come out having enjoyed taking this class.


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