ME-dia: From Sponge Bob to Sons of Anarchy

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October 11, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Putting Michael in Media

by Michael S.


sons_of_anarchy_I am Michael S. I am seventeen years old. I consume all kinds of media in a single day form the advertisements I see to the programs I watch on TV. My favorite show on TV is Sons of anarchy. My favorite movie is “Alexander”. The Type of Movies I like is Action and historical films. I listen to a bit of everything in music but my favorite genre is rock and metal. I do not create any media products.

Media History

As a kid I watched SpongeBob I also watched Fairly odd parents and Danny phantom. My first movie was Monster inc. My favorite music group when I was a kid was Simple plan. I was always influenced by advertisements for toys I remember having to have the latest toys because they were cool and you had to have them to be cool.


legoI mostly played with Lego and toy cars when I was a kid. Now that I look back they could be considered sexist. You defiantly don’t think about that when you were a kid it was just kind of common knowledge that boys played with cars and girls played with dolls. If you broke those boundaries then you were rejected. None of my toys ever influenced me to commit violence. I don’t really remember the ads for these toys now

Music choices

When I was a kid I mostly listened to whatever was playing on the radio. It would be pop music when i wasn’t at home. When I was home my parents listened to county so I got stuck listening to it. I have come to listen to some country but I’m not a crazy fan. There is nothing that I would not listen to or at least try.

Television now

My favorite shown on TV is sons of anarchy it is about a motorcycle club in California. My favorite actor is Jack Nicholas or Mark Walberg. I think both of them can play just about any role on any show or movie. My favorite ads on TV are the Redbull ads I think they are funny and creative.

On-line media

I use the internet for school and to watch media on line. I watch all my movies and TV shows online because then I can watch them when I want and choose what to watch. I think the future of the internet is that it will become more like TV we will just watch everything online.

Never on TV

In my option there isn’t really anything that should not be on TV. We live in a free society where you could put anything on TV. I don’t think we can control it forever.

What will you learn?

I took this class because an endless amount of people recommended it to me. I Hope to learn more in this class about how are media is produced and how it affects the people who live in our society.


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