ME-dia: From Pokemon to Punk Rock


October 11, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Putting Me in Media

Bailey T.
September 15, 2013


internet-browser-logosHello my name is Bailey and I am 17 years old. I usually watch the news or read about things online, trying to stay caught up with the recent news. I enjoy watching horror films and comedy when I get the chance. I try to listen to punk music mostly but I also enjoy older rock and some new techno music. As well I don’t create much media.

Media History

I watch mostly Pokémon and Yu gi oh when I was a kid. My first movie I saw would have been Shrek. My favorite group as a kid was Blink 182 which was a soft punk band and I wasn’t influenced much by toy ads, but when I started working with computers and into other technology I found how much I enjoyed using it and exploring what I could do with it.


I played with a lot of card games like Yu gi oh, Pokémon or collecting hockey cards. I also enjoyed playing with hot wheels and looking back at the commercials it was mostly boys in the commercials so it could be seen as sexist in a way. I remembered a lot of the ads but it never really made me violent, or affect me in anyway.

Music Choices

I mostly listen to rock and punk, but I can listen to anything really but slow country songs. I just don’t enjoy the mood they can put people in, going from happy and calm to sad and depressed.

Television Now

My favorite TV show is probably Meet the Browns and my favorite actor is Adam Sandler because I’ve been watching films with my dad with him as the lead character. I personally don’t like ads because most of the time they promote wrong things to people like smoking for instance.

Online Media

I use the internet for homework, for playing games and talking with friends. As well I use it to learn and keep up with news because there is always interesting things going on. I watch some movies online but lately I haven’t because there are a ton of viruses. I think the internet will slowly take over more media like possible putting TV out of business.

Never On TV

smoking_poster-232x300I really think smoking commercials shouldn’t be on TV. It brings up smoking to kids at an early age and gets them thinking about smoking when the kids should be thinking about stuff like cooties or chasing girls.

What Will You Learn

I took this class to learn about the media and being able to find hidden messages in it. I thought it was a unique class and so far it’s turned out great as a class overall.

2 thoughts on “ME-dia: From Pokemon to Punk Rock

  1. Hannah says:

    Hey, I had the same favourite band as a kid!

  2. Justin says:

    I agree that there shouldn’t be cigarette ads on tv, but personally I have never once seen one except maybe from the 50’s and 60’s.

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