ME-dia: A is for Action Movies, Avengers & Ashley


October 11, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Putting Ashley in Media

My name in Ashley, I’m 17 years old. I like to listen to the radio, they say interesting things. I watch Sons of Anarchy and Gossip Girl, for movies i’d say my favorite movie is The Avengers. Action movies are the best. Music is probably something I love the most, Rock and Metal are my favorite genre. Iron Maiden is my favorite band of all time.

Media History:

PowerRangersOxfordCircusAs a kid I use to watch Sailor moon and the power rangers a lot. My first movie was I think Lion King. I listened to Avril Lavigne as a kid. I think every kid is influenced by ads on TV for toys but I always had all the toys I wanted growing up. I rarely ever watched TV as a kid so I would say I wasn’t really influenced by ads.

When I was a kid I use to play with brat dolls and barbies. Looking back I do think barbies and brat dolls were sexist but they didn’t influence violence. I don’t remember the ads for these toys.

Music Choices:
I still listen to rock and metal; I listen to these types because the lyrics are written with feeling and have a deep meaning, like System of a down for example. They write about how the world and people really are, they have good lyrics and that’s what makes me like them, they are an amazing band. If there is something I will not listen to it has to be Justin Bieber, I don’t think he has talent, I think his songs are stupid and pointless. I dislike him a lot.

Television now:
Johnny-Depp-johnny-depp-32659258-3450-4149My favorite TV show is Sons of anarchy. Favorite actor has to be Johnny Depp, because I think Johnny Depp is one of the best actors out there today, he’s played so many different characters and does such a good job at it, makes him amazing. My favorite ad on TV has to be the DQ ad with the kittens in the bubbles.

Online media:
I use the internet to download movies, tv shows and music. Because watching movies online is cheap and I don’t have to pay anything to watch them or listen to them. I also use the internet for facebook, twitter ect… I think in the future the internet is going to be really advanced more so then it is now. Causing more people to be socially awkward.

Never on TV:
In my opinion I think Barney should never be on TV I think it’s a very stupid TV show and it doesn’t really teach kids anything and the TV show Caillou should never have aired on TV. It teaches little kids that its okay to be a brat and cry to get what you want. Kid shows should be teaching morals and right from wrong, Like Scooby doo for example is the one TV show I think teaches kids something in a fun way, it teaches us that monsters are real and that humans are the real monsters in life.

What will you learn?
I took media studies to get a better look at what the media really does to people.


2 thoughts on “ME-dia: A is for Action Movies, Avengers & Ashley

  1. Kelsey says:

    I agree with the Caillou thing, he annoyed me as a child and now.

  2. Krista C says:

    I agree Johnny Depp is the best! And the Avenger are great. Justin Bieber needs to get his act stright. Not like he was from the start. When it comes to Caillou…. i really like that show and it not because he was a braty kid but because we kids kind of connect. We were all braty once in our childhood righ?

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