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October 9, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Putting Me In Media

By Julie S.

My name is Julie and I am 17 years old. The media surrounds me everyday, and I’m sure it has had a large impact on my life. I used to watch a lot more television than I do now, but I still have my programs that I like to watch, and whether or not I’m actually paying attention, the TV is practically always on in my house because of my other family members. I’m on the internet quite often, on Tumblr specifically. Almost constantly I’ll be listening to music, or having music playing in the background as I work, so that is probably the form of media that affects me the most.

Media History

When I was a kid, I watched TV a lot. I would mostly watch whatever my older sisters were watching, which usually was the family channel. I remember whenever commercials for products like Barbie dolls or Nerf guns would come on TV my sisters and I would all scream “I WANT THAT”, even though we rarely ever got the toys being advertised.

When I was really young, I would not have the patience to sit and watch a full movie, so full length films were not of interest to me until I was around 10. The first movie I remember watching in the Cinema, other than class trips, was Bridge to Terabithia with my dad.


When I was a kid, I would most often play with things like Barbie dolls and stuffed animals. This was mostly barbiebecause those were the toys that were handed down to me by my older sisters. Looking back on these toys you can see how sexist and unrealistic they are. In the commercials for these products, you rarely see little boys playing with dolls and stuffies as the are “feminine” toys, while products such as beyblades or nerf guns are looked at as “masculine” toys, and you rarely see little girls in the ads for those products.

Music Choices

The genres of music that I like are hugely extensive. I listen to all kinds of music, and my mood affects what kind of music I listen to at any particular moment. I avoid listening to pop culture music when I can, although some of it is catchy and I do enjoy some artists. What annoys me most about a lot of the music you hear on the radio is that the lyrics are often misogynistic and there is often no real emotion behind the words. The lyrics to many pop songs at the moment, and even in the past, are nothing more than sex, partying, dating, and breaking up, and I don’t believe any of those things are good value messages to be constantly feeding into your brain by listening to that music.

TV Now

I don’t watch as much television now as I used to when I was younger, but I do watch a few shows on a regular basis such as Supernatural and Pretty Little Liars. When I really need to kill some time I might watch the Discovery Channel, and I enjoy certain cartoons when I am sick. I honestly can’t stand “Reality” TV shows. I think there is rarely anything real about them. I’m a big fan of the actors in Supernatural, but I can’t say I really have favourite actors or actresses, they are just people, after all.

I enjoy the commercials for a product called “Mio”, it’s a flavouring that you can mix in your water, and I use the product once and awhile. I like the commercials because they are humorous and they catch the watchers attention, as they can be rather bizarre.

Online Media

netflixAs I stated before, I spend a considerable amount of time on the internet. I blog quite a bit on Tumblr and I read comics online, as well as watching the occasional show or movie. With Netflix gaining popularity, I believe that it won’t take long before television as we know it could possibly be wiped out. A lot of teenagers just watch shows and movies for free online already, and as our generation gets older, there won’t be a need for TV anymore. “Video Killed the Radio Star” is not as inaccurate as some might think, and now it’s going to be internet that gets rid of the need for television.

Never on TV

In my opinion, there are a lot of stupid television shows that should not be on TV. Reality TV is one thing that I have absolutely no interest in, such as Jersey Shore or Big Brother. Some shows aimed at kids that show nothing but young teenagers fretting over their newest crush or breakup have no business being on a children’s channel. Much Music Channel is a big controversy also. I don’t oppose to having music or music videos on TV, but some of the music videos should be filtered more and the artists should be more conscious of what they are putting on daytime TV, because a lot of it I would certainly not want children or young youth to see.

What will I learn?

I took this class because the whole concept of commercialism interests me and infuriates me. The lengths that people will go to to sell a product or ideology are insane. All forms of media surround us everyday, and it affects us more than some would think. Unconsciously we take in all this information and it drastically affects our views on life. In this course I’m hoping to learn ways to counteract the media and voice my own opinions.

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