ME-dia: From Sponge bob to Shark Week.

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October 9, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Putting the “Me” in Media

About Yourself

My name is Brandon S. I am seventeen years of age. I consume media in multiple ways including the radio, television, movies, game consoles, books, music and newspapers. On television I like to watch different types of shows that leave me on the edge wanting more such as Big Brother, The Walking Dead and The Amazing Race. I prefer to listen to pop music and occasionally other genres. I create my own media products on my YouTube

Media History

When I was younger I use to watch Spongebob, Barney, Rolie Polie Olie and Save-Ums. The first movie I ever watched in theaters was Stuart Little. I did not have a favorite sing or group when I was younger. I was never influenced by ads for toys, most of the time I would use my imagination so I would not need toys.


As a kid I use to play Barbie’s with my sister, however I also loved Playmobile. Looking back I do realise that some of the toys were sexist when I was growing up. Toys never influenced me to be violent. I do remember the ads for the toys when I was younger and it did make me want to get them.

Music Choices

Currently I like listening to the most popular music. I like listening to the most popular music. I also like to discover music before it becomes popular. I am not sure why I like listening to the music that I do. I will not listen to music that cusses or country and rap. Once again I am not sure why I don’t like rap or country, but I can say that I do not agree with language in a song.


I would have to say that my favorite show at the moment is Under The Dome. My favorite actor is Jennifer Laurence. I like her acting in movies and I also like who she is in real life. My favorite ad on TV is Discovery channel’s ad for Shark week.

On-Line Media

I use the internet for information, communication, entertainment, and work. Yes, I watch movies online because I can find movies playing in theaters online for free. I think the future for the internet is unknown; we will have to wait and see what it brings.

Never On TV

In my opinion, Miley Cyrus should never be on TV as well as nudity or inappropriate things that MTV broadcasts. I don’t think that young children should have access to that kind of stuff at such a young age. I may influence them to make a bad choice.miley-cyrus-we-cant-stop-1-650-430

What will you learn?

I took this class to learn about media. I want to lean everything so that I will be able to peruse a job or carrier relating to the media.


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