ME-dia: From Pokemon to Legos to Netflix

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October 9, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

legoPersonal in Media


I’m Bobby O, and currently I am 18 years old. I listen to the radio and use online media. I no longer watch TV, and my favorite kind of movies is comedy. My favorite movie would be Sweeney Todd, even though that isn’t a comedy. I am a metal head, although I also listen to some electronic.

Media History

As a kid I used to watch pokemon all the time, whenever I had the chance. My first movie would have to be, Bug’s Life. Yes I was influenced by ads to buy things like bionicles, gameboy color, etc.


I played with legos, bionicles, and my gameboy when I was young. These three I believe to be unisex. They have not caused me to be violent in any way. And I do remember ads for all three.

Music Choices

Bring-Me-The-Horizon-3-bring-me-the-horizon-14752675-1280-800At this exact moment I am listening to Sleepwalking by Bring Me The Horizon. I’ve enjoyed metal for the longest time and BMTH has always been one of my favorites. What I won’t listen to is a lot of today’s pop because it just gets overplayed and extremely repetitive.

Television Now

Currently I don’t really watch TV at all, I use Netflix instead. My favorite TV show from there would be Archer, because it’s absolutely hilarious. Because of Netflix I do not currently have a favorite ad on TV, I can’t remember the last time I saw one.

On-line Media

I use my computer, phone and xbox for various internet needs. I do watch movies online, every weekend with my buddies and my girlfriend. The future of internet will probably start involving the Oculus Rift in it’s phenomenal control over virtual reality, and allow people to feel involved in the web and those who are using it.

Never on TV?

I think that many of our “celebrity shows” (ie: celebrity game shows, celebrity house dramas) should not be on TV. We’re just paying to watch the rich get richer.

What will I learn?

I took this class because the analytical part of media intrigued me, and I would very much enjoy learning more about things that peek interest. (ie: red is advertising colour.)

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