ME-dia: From anime to The Walking Dead

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October 9, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

the-walking-dead-atlantaPutting Liam in the media
I am Liam M. and I am 16 years old. I watcg a lot of TV and spend most of my day on the computer, playing games, and reading. I like The Walking Dead a lot its probably my favorite TV series. I like action and sci-fi drama’s. I don’t listen to any specific bands but I like electronic, chiptunes, and rock. I am working on making my own games and in the past have written short stories and even worked on a webcomic.
When I was a kid I watched a lot of cartoons and anime, I still do so its kinda never changed. I’m not sure what my first movie was and I didn’t have a big intrest in music. I was influenced by some adds but must I found boring.
As a kind I played with a lot of lego’s and action figures, it may have arguably been sexist but I never gave that any thought. I strongly beleive that toys or entertainment cannot make someone violent. I don’t remember most ads, a few lego ones I do though.
I don’t really listen to anyone specific, just whatevers on really. Just never got super interested in it. I’m not a fan of country, probably got that rom my father who feels the same.
My favorite television show is The Walking Dead and its something that my father and I both really enjoy. I don’t have a favorite actor right now, Andrew Lincoln and Steven Yeun are both good though. No favorite ad’s.
I have many social media websites that I use like Tumblr and Reddit. I use youtube a lot and watch TV and movies on Netflix. I think the internet is and will continue to be at the forefront of entertainment and media.
I think everything should be on TV as I beleive that censorship is wrong and society shouldn’t be shielded from whats going on in the world.
I hope to learn more about television and movies in this class as I enjoy them greatly. Also I just like advertizements and marketing.


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