Cool: being accepted for who you are

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September 30, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

cool-handpaintingsWhat is Cool?

Bailey T.

In my opinion cool is a word used best to describe more than one thing at once, and having a different meaning to many people as someone says it. Cool is what people look up to, to try and become as to fit in. It’s what people want to try to be called and as well what other people try and stay away from. Cool is a term that’s used to describe the things that we look at and some of us say wow about. This is my idea on cool.

Cool is used by those that want to try and be seen as in the popular group at school. It’s something that people want to be called because they’ve been used to being as the “cool kid” for a long time. Cool changes a lot throughout years, like cool in grade 1 was having the sneakers that lit up when you ran around and the 100 pack of crayons and letting everyone use them, cool now in grade 12 is having a car and having the highest priced name brand clothes your money can buy. Cool is something that will continue to change as people grow up, and the next thing for us will be having the new car or high paying job which will lead us to buy those sneakers for our kids and will start the cycle all over again for our children.

There are a lot of things that could be known as cool. Cool could be the way the person we look up to acts, it could be the way they dress or even watching the same shows they watch, but cool changes for every single person there is. For instance I think cool is being unique, different not following in everyone’s footsteps but making your own path. I think people that are “cool” are people that aren’t afraid to speak their mind even though it might be against what everyone thinks or standing up for something that’s they believe to be right. Cool to me is being different, outgoing, it has nothing to do with the clothes that you wear, the people you look up to, being the head of all the clubs at school or going to every party there is on the weekend and trying to impress everyone.

To me people try and be cool when it doesn’t really matter. Fitting in isn’t what people should be doing I think, and too many people do that nowadays. What should matter is being accepted for the person you are, that’s when the cool people really show because they won’t be afraid to hang out with you even if your hair is spiked or you have different clothes on that aren’t the best brand out there. Being cool is being different and original, almost as if those that aren’t cool in most people’s eyes I find cool personally because they aren’t afraid to do their own thing and be themselves.

This is only my opinion on cool, and it changes for everyone because it’s different in everyone’s eyes. Cool will always change for everyone and most of the time people will have similar but never the same exact idea of cool as the person they sit beside or have a coffee with, and that is actually pretty cool if you think about how just one word could have the same spelling and sound but mean so many different things to so many different people.

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