Being a cool Kat is shaped by the media we consume.

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September 30, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Being a cool Kat is difficult in a school of 1800 students, all trying to be cool.

Being a cool Kat is difficult in a school of 1800 students, all trying to be cool.

What Is “Cool” ?

by Brandon S.

What is cool and what does it mean? “Cool” can range from person to person. “Cool” is something that people like, something in style and never goes out of style. “Cool” can also be a trend or a thing that multiple people find interesting. “Cool” has no exact definition and each and every person has a different opinion. Every person can be influenced by someone else, such as a celebrity, a role model or something that you grew up with that was trendy.

To me “cool means popular, in-style, hot, trendy. This could be completely different from my best friends or my parents, everything can be a factor. Each person has originality and that is where people differentiate from one another. When I asked my friend Rebekah she described “cool” as hip, likeable, trendy, and new. My mom described cool as wearing fashionable clothing, your appearance (clothing, shoes, hair, makeup, etc.), and a person not trying to be somebody else. Natalie said breakdancing, beat boxing; video games and optimistic people are cool. Katie thinks that it is cool to be who you are and be yourself. I like how each person I asked said something different. It goes to show that there is no one meaning.

The media has a huge role in deciding and promoting what is “cool”. As an example, an advertisement could have a famous person that most people know and like. They can use that to their advantage and try to influence what people will buy. Some people will buy into advertisements and some people may not. I found that I was influenced by toy ads when I was younger and I always wanted the toy that they were advertising. Now that I am older I don’t fall for those ads. Only a select few commercials will catch my attention, I find that comedy makes me notice the commercial and it makes me remember it.

As I have learned there is more than one definition of cool and it depends on each person’s thoughts and values. This project has taught me much more than I expected to learn. I didn’t even think of half of the things that my friends said. I have learned to ask people’s opinions on subjects because not everyone has the same opinion as you do.


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