Finding a true meaning for “cool”

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September 27, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

pic-ortho-dictionaryWhat is cool?

By Isaiah D.

Has there ever been a true meaning for the word cool? When someone says something is cool they usually mean that it is something that is popular at the moment. When something is cool, everyone wants that new thing, whether it is clothing, a new hair style, a new toy, or even something like a new movie that has just come to theaters. No matter what it is, as long as people are talking about it and giving it attention and popularity, it can become cool.

Cool is something that has been around for as long humans have been around. That is because we create cool. We create it through our interests as well as our desire for popularity. When we find something we like and enjoy, we share it with others and then they share it with their friends and when it gets popular enough people may began referring to it as “hip” or “cool”.

The media also helps to create cool. They do this by studying the original source of cool, young adults. Young adults are one’s who make things popular and they do this because they are the ones who choose what media is good and what isn’t. They choose between what things are cool and what aren’t. So the media see’s this and kind of starts a loop by studying the things the young adults like, and recreate new similar things and sell it back to the young adults.

Cool isn’t only for young people though, older people can be cool too. The only reason younger people are looked at for being cooler is because we have newer, fresher ideas and tastes. It’s not that adults can’t have new ideas and good taste but it seems as though adults have already used their ideas and taste for when they were growing up and it is harder for them to adjust to what is cool now.

So cool is what we think it is. Whether it is, video games, how we look, or how we act, we decide what is cool and what will be cool.


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