Find “cool” everywhere but no where

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September 27, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

globeThe cultural phenomenon

by Bennett R.

Cool is an interesting concept. A self feeding loop of culture and counterculture where cool exists at the center as a ideological concept to be strived for. Where cool exists as the forefront of social interaction between youth and the stage that media creates that is ‘“the golden years” where cool is only obtainable and only created theoretically by members of these years twelve to twenty five. Cool exists in these limitations theoretically but where else does cool come from?

Media exists as a perpetual courier for the concept of cool. So much so that you could say they have a symbiotic relationship where since the abilities to convoy a mass message to the pubic became widely accessible and effective ( with means such as television and radio ) then an idea of reverence for the products or messages featured has existed evolving slowly since the 1940’s in north America and earlier on even before that in Eroupe

Cool in our media today holds a different place, where the cool of the past was taken out of context from africa the cool that we know today exists in a vacuum of being necessarily edgy. This in its self comes from the major limitation of cool originality. Originality is a defining part of “cool” because the second everyone likes something and it officially becomes uninteresting to trend setters who pioneered it in the first place.

What is cool? Cool still seems like nothing more then a concept, an abstract to describe things and people who are some how just it? This all seems fairly frustrating as you realize that any one cool is created by a counter culture that resents cool and never wants anything they want to be liked by anyone who isn’t “of them”

Cool. Cool is original content that you don’t believe is been explored before. Cool is the existence and the bane of innovation. Cool exists purely on a spiritual level and the faithful should be avoided. Cool is here. Cool is there. Cool can’t technically exist without undermining its self so its technically everywhere and nowhere


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