What’s new? What’s hot? That’s cool.

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September 26, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

Cool continues to evolve, always circling back to cool.

Cool continues to evolve, always circling back to cool.

What is “cool”?

By Lyssa Dawn

What is “cool”? From my understanding, it’s what’s new. What’s hot. What everybody wants to buy, wants to be like, or wants to do, whether it’s a style, a celebrity, a game/sport, or music group (etc.). It’s what the media and the people around us want to be noticed as something that is “cool”, hot, fun, creative, beautiful… those sorts of things.

A huge question that has been standing in my way since the beginning of the school year is “what is cool?” Is it beating up the new niners? Or having the latest technology? Or even being rich? No. It’s different for each and every one of us. What somebody thinks can be completely different than what somebody else thinks is cool. For example, take my boyfriend Brian and I. I love screamo music, winter, galaxy print leggings, and makeup. I think they’re the coolest things ever. But Brian prefers rap music, summer, baggy jeans, and obviously not makeup. Nobody’s perspective on “what is cool” is actually what is cool. It all depends on everybody’s taste.

Instead of asking “who tells us to be cool?” why not ask “who doesn’t tell us to be cool?” It’s hard to think of somebody who does not tell us to “be cool”. When it comes to the media, advertisements, such as Vogue Magazine tell us that in order to “be cool” or to “be happy”, you must be beautiful, buy all of their products, be perfect, etc. Obviously, it’s false. I mean, you could potentially be “cool” if you did those things, but they’re trying to say that it’s the only way possible. The media isn’t the only figure trying to tell us what is “cool”, though. Our friends/peers have the same effect, as well as advertisements and commercials, tv shows and movies, along with hidden messages in music.

Another way is if you look through your news feed on Facebook or Twitter, ask.fm, or through Youtube comments, a lot of people swear and try to act “internet tough” (also known as “cool”). Just because you’re behind a computer screen and people can’t see you, which gives you the option to do so. For some odd reason, people think that this is “cool” and I’ve noticed that it seems to be “what’s up” when it comes to the internet. It’s quite ignorant, yes, but definitely not cool.

My understanding of cool has changed dramatically since elementary school and middle school. In elementary school, Pokémon cards, playing King Of The Hill, and building forts in the woods at school were “cool”. In middle school, Owl City (singer), skinny jeans, and makeup (first being introduced to most girls) were “cool”. But now, everything has changed. Certain things are only “cool” for so long, then they just fade away and are replaced with new things. Sometimes they can come back (for example, mullets… ew) and be “cool” again; but let’s just play it safe and avoid those. They’re not “cool” anymore for a reason, right?

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