Feeling the rays of cool before anyone else

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September 26, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

cloudby Jesse D.
If you ask anyone what cool is, you will notice that the answer isn’t as easy to come up with as one would think. When something is cool, I think there is certain criteria that it needs to pass in order for it to be so. When something is cool, people don’t have to ask or wonder, but they just know whether it is or not. I find, that most of the time these days, cool is what isn’t. Most people now, like to say that they liked something before it was cool, so I believe that the cycle is backwards.

For something to be considered cool, in my opinion, it needs to be unheard of first of all. Something that is widely available to the masses isn’t going to come across as cool at all, just something that is normal and something everybody can have. People want something to make themselves to feel unique and different from the mainstream. I think a trend setter is the person or thing that makes the population think something is “cool” or convincing them that this is what they should do. When people see something they like and want to do, that’s when it takes off. However, what is cool to some people may not apply to everybody.

Since nobody in this world thinks the same way, I think “cool” could be interpreted in many different ways. Some people may find that things that everybody else is doing is something that is cool, or they might like to make their own path and do something that is completely different. I find what is really popular nowadays is people trying to do something that nobody else is doing, and they like to call themselves hipsters. However, now that more and more people are doing so, it is starting to move into the mainstream media, and not being as “in” or “cool” anymore.

In conclusion, cool is in the eyes of the beholder, and cannot be labelled as one specific thing. Some people may find one thing very cool, and to others, it would be the opposite. In my opinion, cool will never be the same thing, because there is always going to be new generations of people who have a very different mindset. Cool is forever changing, it’s just about capturing what it is at the right time.

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