Cool is both popularity and rebellion

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September 26, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

What makes kids cool?

What makes kids cool?

What is Cool?
By Emily G.

The concept of being cool is very intricate. It’s something that many cannot define, nor understand for what makes it so. Being cool is also a very important thing to be in todays society. It demonstrates confidence, as passive attitude, style, lack of authority and a relaxed demeanour. Coolness is something many people strive for in their lives because it shows a sense of popularity and rebellion.

Being cool can be seen as a personality trait or a description for something. When something is cool, it is sought after, the new craze and always seen. It’s about being above anything or anyone. When someone demonstrates that they want to be cool, it is in fact not cool at all. You should never demonstrate that you want to be cool because it shows your lack of confidence and self-originality. Cool is relaxed and dismissive, so it’s not good to appear like you care. Cool is also about the lack of interest in any authoritarian situation; a form of rebellion. When you are approached by authority, act detached from your circumstances. Evoking calm and dismissive expressions. Confidence is key.

Cool is always pushing the limits, whether is being clothing, music, electronics or art. People who express coolness create new trends, styles and fads for people to follow and these are always ahead of the times. The thing about these trends, is that that they are always changing and evolving. They are what distinguish some decades from others because of their popularity amongst the people at that specific time. If you are one to create or follow these cool trends you will inevitably be seen as a more powerful person. You are doing something interesting and new, but also acting like it’s no big deal; the epitome of cool.

Popularity and rebellion are key to becoming cool because it shows that you care but don’t at the same time. It’s going against social norms, but brushing it off as if you’re not even trying. People see this as a form of courage, so they follow in that path as well, hoping to be seen as someone more great and powerful than the rest as well. Coolness will always be sought after because with power comes social status and popularity.

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