Being cool means being uniquely you.

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September 26, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

328020-standing-out-from-the-crowd-contrasting-being-unique-this-is-not-based-on-a-real-personWhat is “cool”?
by NN

How does someone describe the word “cool”? The easiest way to explain it is by saying the media is what cool is, it shows us the coolest and most popular music, fashion, trends, behavior etc… but is this really the true meaning of “cool”? You will never get the same explanation of what it means from anyone, none has the same idea or definition of what cool is, everyone experiences and understands what it means differently.
We as people, and especially teens, are surrounded with advertising and it is unconsciously making us think what they are selling or doing is what is cool. What the media tries to tell us is buying their items is the only way someone can be considered cool or popular. We are letting the media decide what is cool to us because whatever they sell or portray as cool is what we fall for. We are not letting ourselves have a say in what we think is cool by showing people who we really are. There are not many people that are aware of the affect the media has on us and they are falling under its spell, in this case letting media tell them what will make them be “cool.”

Like I said before, the word cool is defined differently by everyone and it is different for everyone. Although the media is affecting most of our thoughts about what is cool, everyone’s coolness, if that is even a word, is different. What is “cool” or “in” or “popular” can have a constant daily change. I know that for me it has changed drastically since I was a kid, for example, what I thought was cool in grade two is not usually cool for me today. I mean of course the things I used to play what in grade two, like my tamagotchi was super cool and popular but now if I were to have one it’s not as cool to me as it used to be. One reason is because I’ve gotten older and don’t play with those toys and this makes me not so interested in them anymore.

Coolness as a kid is so much different than what cool is for young adults and older. Children usually define cool by what they truly think it is to them. Yes, advertisements on TV do play with their minds a little but I don’t think children are as gullible as us in the sense that they will basically let others tell them what is cool. They are so innocent and they make cool be what it should be whatever they think it is no matter what others think. I do however agree that advertisements for toys may influence them to think if they had this a particularly “popular/cool” toy will make them cool but most kids will say no to the things they don’t want or don’t think is cool to them.

Once something becomes cool it doesn’t stay around for very long. As soon as everyone has a particular clothing or toy it doesn’t become as popular or cool as it used to be because everyone seems to have it. Things that are cool constantly change because people change and our minds can change overnight. There is a constant change for what is cool and this is also a reason why everyone defines it differently.
In the end what cool is, is whatever appeals to use as a person. The kinds of music you like to listen to or what you like wearing or your way of behaving. It’s basically who you really are, what you like and what makes you the person you are. I find that many people are scared to let others know what they think is cool because most of the time it’s different than what is mainstream. Ironically I think this is what cool really is, when other don’t always agree with what you think is cool.

The media tells us what should be cool and it usually appeals to most people but not always to everyone. This is why people may be scared to express who they really are because they are afraid of being different. In my mind some of this is the fault of the media for telling us what is cool but it is also our fault for letting the media take control of what we think is cool and making others feel way different liking something other than mainstream.

Being unique is a good way of describing what someone thinks is cool. When people don’t always do what the majority of people are doing to be cool they are being themselves which is ultimately what cool is. It has been said so many times that no one is the same and everyone is different. This is why what is cool is different in everyone’s books and being unique is the best way to show what cool is to someone. I don’t think someone expressing who they are should be described as unique. They are being cool to them. They are doing what they think is cool and this makes it different than what media tells us is cool and this makes them unique? That’s not right for me and in my opinion it’s not the right way to use the word unique.
All in all, people shouldn’t think cool is what the media tells us is or what is most popular amongst most people. Do what you think is cool no matter what other people think. What is cool links to media studies because the media is mimicking what we think is cool and make us want to buy their products or whatever they are selling to become “cool.” Media Studies shows us how the media can sometimes be very manipulative. Media Studies teaches us how the media tells us what is cool or not. My honest opinion about cool is do and like what you want no matter what anyone says.


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