Being cool is being true to your dreams

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September 25, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

dirt bikeWhat is cool?

by Brandon W.

I would have to say for most people cool would have to be having nice stuff and having lots of friends, and hanging out with the cool people at school. Cool would also mean that even sometimes betending to be someone alts that your not. So many people think being cool is a lot of different things like having the hottest girl at a school for your girl friend, and even wearing clothes that are way to big for you and having lot of bling. But being cool at school would have to mean playing sports having good grades and not being over wait or to skinny you would have to have big mussels and if you don’t have any of that people will not even canister you being cool.

But not everyone can play sports and not everyone has nice stuff but that don’t mean that they are not cool. People can be cool in there own way and only if people would stop judging them and just talk to them they mite fined out something that they didn’t know before they mite even think they are cool even though they use to make fun of them for not being cool when they didn’t even know them.
People think cool is like having nice clothes for a EX: people that are cool they have nice clothes so the people that are not cool they wanna go out and get nicer clothes then that guy because people must think this guy is cool because he has nice clothes, so what if I go out and get nicer clothes then him people mite think that im cool. So basically people wanna imitate other peoples fashion to make them cooler then they are.

But for me cool would have to mean being yourself and doing what you like doing like if you wanna be a pro mx dirt bike rider you shout for that dream because that is the coolest thing in life. You don’t have to do what other people want you to do in life do what makes you happy. Cool has to be having friends that like you for who you are not for trying to be someone that your not now that is cool. Its cool because you don’t have face friends you know the ones that talk behind your back when your not around, it feels good not having that stuff it fells even better having people that care about you.
Because being cool is not always about fashion and not all about being on top of things because the meaning of cool is always changing so that what i think it means to be cool.

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