Cool: Hard to define, but best if you be yourself

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September 24, 2013 by Welcome to the Jungle

converse-all-star-high-cmykWhat is “cool”

by Ashley D.

What is “cool”
I think cool is a lot of things trends, TV shows, social media. You can’t just put a label on one thing and say that, that is cool. What is cool all depends on people’s personalities and who they are.
To me I think wearing converse all star shoes is cool because their stylish, cute, and come in all different colors; Vampire diaries and Gossip girl are cool TV shows to me, But to someone else they might not be cool.
Cool can also be the people you have in your social group. For example: the way “preppy kids” see the “weird/greasy kids” as gross and as if they don’t matter in their world, in their social group making people feel bad about themselves and less important then you is “cool”. To other people it’s not cool; it’s just rude, then again cool all depends on you.
Cool just depends on what is the popular trend at the time, because what was popular two years ago just isn’t cool now. Trends change all the time for example: the style of clothes and the way people wore their hair two years ago just isn’t cool in today’s society.
Cool is really hard to define, it is different for everyone and I think everyone would agree on that. I think it is cool to just be yourself and do what you do best, because what is cool is always changing no matter what it is, from sports to fashion to the media they are changing every day. Who knows what was cool today might not be cool tomorrow or in 4 months. Cool just depends on you and your attitude.

By, Ashley Dimitry

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